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Photo by Mike Reyfman

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I am an amateur photographer and traveler based in Moscow. Being hobbyish, I do not pursue commercial goals and make photos for my own pleasure only. This website shows pictures from different parts of our very different but invariably beautiful planet that I love.

What is the purpose of travel? In older days, during the Age of Discovery, it was an economic venture - Athanasius Nikitin, Vasco da Gama, Columbus, Thomas Cook discovered new countries in search of trade routes. Nowadays, in wealthy and affluent countries, it serves as a mass entertainment. In the US, travel is statistically ranked third after cars and sex. The attraction here is getting out in the open, breaking free from the everyday environment. But the main thing I guess is that at all times wandering is the way of finding and discovering oneself, about realizing one's true feelings and aspirations. The great Russian writers Gogol, Dostoevsky, Bunin wrote their best things away from their homeland. For them, and for many others, the road, moving through space, was also a spiritual path.

As a photographer, I try to follow this path by asking myself simple questions. Why does a man enjoy the beauty of nature? From my point of view, it's because he is deprived of it. The inhabitants of towns and cities, who no longer live in nature like their distant primitive ancestors. Not only was nature a part of their lives, they themselves were part of it. Nowadays, and for a long time now, man is neither a hunter, nor a farmer, he does not need nature as a means of sustenance. But he does need it for his soul. He needs it as a kind of vitamin, supporting his mental health among the surrounding concrete, metal and asphalt. The beauty of nature is a journey of a modern man back to the world of his ancestors, to the world that even now gives him the strength to remain human without turning into a robot, a cog in the machine of modern civilization. Yes, we are still part of nature, though many have forgotten this.

A landscape artist, and first and foremost a photographer, is an intermediary between the natural world, far removed from the viewer and the inhabitant and a slave of the city. He often finds himself in such places which are not easily accessible for a common person. He sees, he feels and he knows how to convey that. In a good landscape these emotions - admiration, wonder, mystery, fear - are concentrated and amplified in the images. The search for such images is what I see as the essence of my photography.

I would be grateful for any comments on my work: 

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